Lion’s Roar

Above are the video links of Lions Roar. Right from our childhood, we all used to get fascinated whenever got the chance to visit the zoo to see various wild animals especially the Lions. Always wanting to know more by reading, listening from our elders, watching animal planet or so, and various TV shows about …

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Intellectual Property

What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual Property refers to property which is any creation of the human intellect. There many types of intellectual property and some are protected more in some countries than others. These can be called rights, they are copyright, trademarks, and patents, Design Rights. Copyright copyright is the right of protection extended to …

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The Shipping Documents

What are shipping Documents? These are the mandatory documents needed to arrange shipment of goods, with a mention of contents, weight, value etc. Shipping Documents Commonly Used 1. Commercial Documents:1.1 QuotationThis is a formal document prepared by a Seller mentioning the estimated cost of a particular job or service with due terms and conditions. 1.3 …

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