Science and Technology

Heat sink

The GPU or Graphics Processing Unit developers or individuals concerned with the gaming industry are much conversant with the term heatsink or heat sink, which can be conveniently spelled as the heatsink. The heat sink is defined as a passive heat exchanger. The question arises here, what is a passive heat exchanger and why it …

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Vending Machines

Nowadays we all are familiar with the Vending Machine being an automated setup engaged in dispensing a diverse range of items, that is, in the form of books, fish baits, photo booth, birth control items, sanitary napkins, feminine hygiene products, candy, cookies, chips, Pizza, French fries, miscellaneous food items, smartphones, SIM cards, coffee, tea, change …

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Nanotechnology and/or nanotech is explained as administrating matter on the scale of atomic – basic unit of matter, molecular – group of atoms when bonded together and word molecular relating to molecules, and supramolecular – defined as that domain of chemistry which focus on chemical systems consisting of the carefully observed number of molecules. The …

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