COVID 19: Prevention is better than cure

We all agree to the reality of balance diet is highly crucial for our body at all age levels. Immune foods play a vital role for our health. There is a choice available in abundance to select on daily basis the fresh and unprocessed foods rich in antioxidants, dietary fibre, minerals, protein and vitamins from which our body can benefit.

Supplement with habit of drinking adequate amount of water. Abstain from sugar as much you can. Minimizing and/or to zero intake of fat and salt will guarantee a healthy life free from cancer of certain types, diabetes, heart problems, obesity and overweight.

Drinking water is a good habit to keep yourself hydrated all the time especially during COVID 19 as it helps to washout the body as well as aids in getting rid of viruses. Coconut water is also a great alternative source because it posses lot of potassium beneficial for our body. This is to be noted that sodium and potassium levels get balanced in our body the result is healthy body.

Paying equal Importance to eating fruits, beans, lentils, nuts, cassava, potato as well as fish eggs, milk and meat.

Avoid junk foods and take fresh fruits or raw vegetables. Avoid eating them in overcooked form as they tend to lose their vitamins. In the case of canned stuff make sure to check the label that they are without salt and sugar.

Intake of unsaturated fats is beneficial, that is, avocado, fish, canola, corn, olive oils, soy, sunflower. Butter, Coconut Oil, Cream Cheese, Meat all fall in saturated fats category so not recommended. Stop taking Red Meat prefer White Meat, that is, Fish and Poultry.

In our kitchen avoid using fish and soy-based sauce being high in salt and sodium contents. Use of Iodized salt is recommended to not more than 5g and/or one table spoon.

As we all are living in COVID 19 age, start eating home cooked foods so that we can avoid getting exposed to this out break. When we have to go out make sure to keep away at a minimum distance of one meter from anyone who happen to start coughing or sneezing in front of you. It is better to avoid public places which is too crowded. Infected people are all around and present at cafes and restaurants.

Spread awareness about personal hygiene and immune foods. Extend all out support to people suspected or confirmed with COVID 19 for their prescribed diet and mental health to bring them back to normal living life. Keep yourself protected and others from COVID 19.


There are some amazing precautions out there to help us from getting infected or accidentally become cause of spreading;

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol sprayed hand-rub. To ensure killing viruses present on your hands.

Keep at least three feet distance from others, to ensure you are safe from breathing droplets including COVID 19 from others.

Keep yourself away from public places which are full of crowd, such as eating places restaurants.

Abstain from touching your eyes, mouth and nose as your contaminated hands may transfer the virus leading to entrance into our body.

Pay attention to respiratory hygiene in case of cough or sneeze by properly covering your mouth and nose with bent elbow or tissue. Also wash your hands immediately. So that your droplets may not affect people around you.

If you find any minor symptoms of headache, cough, or signs of fever then stay at home to avoid in contacting others to protect them from any viruses even COVID 19.

In case of cough or difficulty in breathing and fever contact doctor by phone preferably to get direction to right health facility as a result you will be protected and can facilitate preventing spreading of viruses and other infections.

WHO and/or national as well as local authorities are the safest and trusted sources of information and provide advice on what people should do to protect themselves.

Careful and selective usage of alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a must. Most important thing to protect oneself against COVID-19 is to keep our hands clean by washing them with soap and water thoroughly and frequently.

Remember hand sanitizers are alcohol based so they can be flammable so it should not be used before handling fire or cooking. It can cause irritation therefore one should avoid touching their nose, eyes and mouth after immediate use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Always keep hand sanitizers out of the reach of children. They should be taught how to apply hand sanitizer and only a small amount of it should be used. Alcohol based hand sanitizers can be poisonous so do not let children drink or swallow it. Most effective way of protection against COVID-19 is washing your hands regularly.

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