Game concept example 2.0

Story & Gameplay

The story will start with the main character getting out of his house & driving to the market place outside his neighbor whilst he listens to the radio. The radio will

give some basic background of the world the main character lives in. For the most part, the world is very much like ours. The radio will present a way to showcase the main character’s personality, with the main character responding to what is being said over the radio. This is where a basic tutorial will start. The tutorial will have the player driving. The camera perspective will be the third person. that means the car and the road will both be in view. Kind of how the view is in a GTA game.

After arriving at the destination. A cut-scene plays showing the main character Getting out of his car & making his way into the store. Inside the store, the clerk Is watching a piece on the TV about some ancient ruin and how they found the large alien-like creatures. The clerk asks the Main character what he thinks about some alien dead for centuries. The main character reply’s saying he hasn’t given it much thought. To which clerk says “well you have to have thought of this at some point, everyone has”. The Main character reply “maybe once but I don’t know. I mean how is anyone supposed to handle this”. The clerk “yeah maybe you’re right. Hey, what’s your name.” The main character “my name is Joseph”.

After giving his name, both the clerk and Joseph felt the ground shake. Thinking it’s an earthquake they exit the store. Many other people made their way out towards the main road, which was cracking. After a while, the road had stopped cracking, but steam starts to rise from the crack as if something unsightly had started to emerge. The road then starts to crack with more intensity. People start moving back away from the cracking road. Something large then begins to tear the road, moving it out of the way as it makes its way to the surface.

This is where the cut-scene will end and the game-play will start. The player will see a prompt on the screen telling the player “RUN”. The player will then follow a series of scripted events that will complete the tutorial. The player will be given their first melee weapon. A baseball bat that the player can pick up by pressing the interact button. This will be start of the game, collecting weapons and fighting normal enemies. The beginning will establish key questions like (What are these enemies? Where do they come from? & What connection is there with the ancient ruin?) The middle will begin to answer the questions one by one.

The middle will have Joseph interacting with different characters, uncovering secrets, encountering new enemy types, and fighting Bosses. Around the middle is where Joseph will learn of the enemies, & how they came long ago. The enemies are called the old ones or the outsiders. The player will also learn about the cult that worships the outsiders. Which will also become a big conflict that the player will deal with. the Cult leader will be the boss which the player will face. The player will explorer different settings ranging from ruins, modern city area & forest. Near the end, we will have the player fighting the cult and a large old one. The old one will be the last boss. The ending will tie any loose ends with plot and as a post-credit scene one of the remaining cult members will approach the dying old one and get attacked by it.

The cult member will then stand up and begin to walk away while holding his stomach grunting in pain, and then he lets out a scream as his stomach expands and he bursts into small chunks. Leaving behind a small outsider.

Game Flow

The player will start with one melee and one firearm. The melee weapons will range from a Baseball bat, a Metal Pipe, Machete,

Sledge Hammer, Nun-chucks, European longsword.

The firearms will range from a simple Pistol, Magnum Revolver, Shotgun,

Submachine Gun, machine gun, assault rifle.

The starting enemies will the type which can be dealt with mainly with melee weapons. This will reward the players that will be conserving their ammunition, since at the start ammunition will not be as common. Experience points can

be earned by fighting enemies. The Exp can be used to gain new abilities or improve existing ones. The type of abilities will be health, stamina, steady aim, dodging ability, strength. Health will have ten levels to max out. Stamina will also have ten to max out. The steady aim will have five to max out. Dodging ability will also have five to the max. Strength will have five to max out. Each level will have effects on the character, example a high strength skill will mean your stamina will drain at a slower rate when using heavy weapons. Health is just increasing the number of hits you will be able to take. Stamina is will be consumed with actions like running using your melee weapons & dodging also consumes stamina. Dodging ability means how quickly you will be able to counter-attack, for example, if your dodging ability is low then you may get hit if surrounded by many enemies. The steady aim is just that steading your aim, allowing you to hit targets at a distance. Strength will mean how much damage you will be able to do with melee weapons, and will slightly affect your stamina.

There will a work table where the player will be able to work on their weapons. The work tables will be where the player will use the weapon parts in the world. There will be two work tables in each mission. The different weapons will be unlocked as the player levels up, weapon equipped at a time. The work tables will first be introduced by a side character called Steve the handyman. Each weapon will have a different requirement to be unlocked, for example, the magnum revolver will need high steady aim and strength. Doing well in a mission will net the player with more Exp at the end of the mission.

Character(s) & Controls

The number of characters is a few. With some side characters. Starting with the main character Joseph. Joseph is a 26 years old black male. His personality is that of someone who is unsure of what the world has in store for him. Growing up in a troubled neighborhood and losing both of his parents at a young age. Has shaped him into someone who is always on the lookout of what can go wrong.

The Cult has two members of note, the leader and the female member has chosen to care for the eggs of the outsiders. The cult leader Valter is someone who is obsessed with the occult and the old-ones. Valter although not first to find the ruins, but was the one successful in awakening the old-ones from their ancient

slumber. The female member known as Adella is one equally if not more obsessed with the old-ones. Adella is a woman obsessed with the rebirth of humanity, convinced a union of humans and the outsiders is what is best for humanity. Two other characters of note are Eileen and Gilbert. Eileen is a woman in search of her missing husband Laurence. Eileen is encountered midway through the story. Eileen and her husband were both being taken to the old-ones as sacrifices by the cult. Laurence manages to free his wife but fails to free himself and is taken to the ruins.

Gilbert, we meet early on as one of the key characters to help the player. Gilbert is a 30 years old white male who was a firefighter the player will meet just before the first boss. Gilbert is the one who notices that the old-one has a large eye in the center of its body which gives Joseph an idea to set the old-one on fire. Which they and weaken it enough so that Joseph can take it down.

Joseph has the ability to dodge and quickly shoot the enemy. The controls are simple. Left Joystick to move, to run press the joystick. Right joystick to control the camera. The triangle bottom is used to use health items. The square bottom is used to reload the firearms. The circle is used to dodge. The X bottom is the interact bottom. L1 is the weapon wheel. L2 is aim. R1 is the use melee weapon bottom. R2 is the fire bottom. The D-pad Is used to circle the items.

 The things players will be do are shoot, drive, swim, and melee combat.

Main Gameplay Concepts and Platform Specific Features

The main gameplay concepts are Melee combat in the beginning. Which is like a cross between resident evil and the new god of war.

The Shooting gameplay is Resident Evil like with lesser outsiders attacking the player. The Melee combat is not as detailed as God of war but the attacks carry the same weight, and the camera will zoom out allowing the player to see if enemies are behind the player. The aim bottom if pressed and then the melee bottom is pressed then the character will throw their melee weapon. Doing so will unequip your melee weapon but will do a lot of damage, and outright kill weaker enemies or can be used as a flashy finisher. The player can pick up their weapon by walking towards the weapon and pressing the interact bottom. Driving is something the player can take part in. Driving will be an element of gameplay for half of the game. But will not be a core gameplay concept.

Swimming will also be something the player will be doing but only for one or two times. The game will be flexible enough to cater to different play styles. Meaning Hardcore people will be able to beat the game with only melee weapons. Near the end, shooting gameplay will take a larger role. Underwater sections Will be more stealth-oriented as the player will have to sneak into the cult base. There will be hidden doors in different missions with treasure inside. The PS4 touchpad Feature will be used to touch the wall and feel the irregularity. If at the right place the controller will vibrate.

Game World

The start of the game will be near a shopping mall and stores. Stores with Special items will need a key card. The key card will be hidden somewhere in the environment. Cars can be used to run over enemies. But if in or near a burning car, the explosion can kill the player as well. Cars are damaged by both the player and enemies. The areas will be shopping malls & stores, small neighborhoods, forest outpost, and underground nest. The number of missions will 20, that means 5 missions for each location.

The neighborhood will have houses the player can search for weapons, ammunition, and costumes. The neighborhood will some human enemies to set up the kidnapping of people to be sacrificed. Which will then lead to the forest outpost? the outpost will large and full of human & outsider enemies. The outpost will have different levels, for example, one level is the cafeteria where humans eat. But also, where the sacrifices rejected by the old-ones, are fed to lesser outsiders. The underground nest is a ruin that is used the take care of the eggs.

The ruin is full of traps that the player will have to be mindful of. The ruin will have blue lighting given off by the eggs. The eggs if hatched will have a baby outside. The baby outsider will be like an alarm for enemies. So, the player will be care full not to get overwhelmed by enemies.


The interface for the game will have a bleak mood, with lite haunting music in the background.

Mechanics & Power ups

The mechanics of the are simples with notable examples, pressing the fire firearm bottom will fire up to 4 quick shots. Which although lack power and damage will stun the enemies for a short time. The power ups will be in the form of one-time use weapons like a mini gun, rocket launcher, and a grenade launcher. A mechanic which be rewarding and dangerous is the taunt mechanic.

When targeted the character will be locked in an animation that has to play out halfway before the player can dodge. Successfully taunting your enemies Will give you’re an Exp boost. The player can collect metal shards throughout the game, and when the player collects all 100 then the player will unlock a Katana.

Other things you can unlock are new costumes and the ability to customize weapons, melee weapons, and skins. Also as mentioned before cars can help deal with enemies, kind of like a moving bomb. With the melee weapon, the player can deflect most melee attacks, by press the melee weapon button at the same time as the enemy attack.

Enemies & Bosses

There are 7 main outsider enemies and 3 types of human enemies. The first outsider enemy you will encounter is the outsider waste. The outsider wastes are the reanimated corpse of the people consumed and then discarded. The outsider waste is slow yet can spit acid which does a lot of damage. The outsider waste has three cores that must be destroyed in order to kill it.

The waste has two melee attacks which are the bite jump and pin down acid shower. The second outsider enemy is a mutated form of the waste outsider, called the spiked waste. The spiked waste is a runner and will run at the player. The spiked waste has more melee attacks such as throwing it a body at the player, flailing its arms at the player, and at low health exploding.

The third outsider enemy is the failed union of the hatchling and human host, known as the failures. The failures have human bodies but the head is a mutated mass with a large blade-like growth. The failures are hard to shoot because they deflect bullets. The way to fight the failures is to parry their blade attack and counter-attack. The fourth outsider is the cult’s experiment known as the outsider berserker. The berserker has a lot of health and has armor on the front of its body. The player will have to dodge its attacks and move to its back in order to bring it down. The best attack is to dodge is the charge attack.

The fifth, sixth, & seventh enemies are bosses. The boss outsiders are each unique with different attacks and appearances. The fifth outsider is large and a cross between a crab and a louse. The insect antenna and crab pincers Make this boss dangerous. The boss has a grab attack. A bite attack, which After dodging the player can shoot in the mouth and do damage. The sixth Is a cross between a wasp and a spider. This outsider will shoot the web in order To trap the player. Then try to sting the player with its stinger. The player will Have to shoot at its wings or at it in order to bring it down so the player uses melee combat.

The last outsider is also the last boss of the game and is a large Octopus-like outsider with many tentacles. The player will have a power-up at the start of the fight. the rocket launcher will have 3 shots which will drain 25% of the boss’s health. The boss will spit acid and will also be able to coat its tentacles with acid. And slam its tentacles at the player.

Cutscenes, Bonus Material, and Comps

The cutscenes will play at the start and end of each mission and before boss fights. Cut scenes will also play in the middle of some missions for story reasons.

The cutscenes will use the same models as in the game. Meaning they will one show the costumes, two not be a CGI movie made separately and recorded on the computer. After finishing the game the player unlocks higher difficulty settings. After beating the game on the highest difficulty, the player will unlock The infinite gun, and if the player beats it on the highest difficulty without dying. The player will unlock infinite ammo. (must not use an infinite weapon) The game’s main competition will be games similar to this.

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