Game Concept Example

The name of the game is Deathtrap, & is a third-person camera over the shoulder style game. The narrative is that you are someone who wakes up in a weird town with no recollection of how you ended up there. After waking up you begin to explore the town for any signs of life. This is where the player will be given the control of the character, and the game’s tutorial will start. The tutorial will begin with movement and camera controls. A prompt on the screen will tell the player what buttons to press. The buttons will be different depending on what gaming platform you are using. With significant space to move, the player will be told to explore with an onscreen prompt saying look around. The player after exploring near a diner will trigger an NPC to make an appearance in the diner. The change of the music and the character calling out to the NPC will signal the player to enter the diner. After doing so a cutscene will play showing an interaction between the player character and NPC. The NPC after getting startled by the sudden appearance of the player character begins to question the play character. After the player character is asked who he is, and, how he ended up here, the player character starts to remember that he was on his way to visit his sister when a thick fog appeared. After hearing that the NPC leaves the diner saying “just like me the damn fog, out of nowhere. You won’t last long, no one does.”  The NPC drops a piece of paper. The player is then instructed to pick up the piece of paper. Which the player can do by walking up to the piece of paper and pressing the button shown on the screen. The paper reveals that the way out of this town is to open the big gate which needs 5 different items to open. Which are spread across the town. After the player exits the diner a cutscene plays showing the player character being watched by a shirtless man with a deformed face and a large cleaver. The player then has to find the 5 items. The first item is in the town library. The second item is in the theme park. The third is in the town hall. The fourth item is in a school. The last item is around the neck of the shirtless man. The library will act as the game’s first level. In the library, the player will find secondary items to help in the level. The secondary items will be as follows a knife, flashlight, and small rocks.

The knife will be used to cut open boxes and as defense items if the shirtless man grabs the player. (will only save the player once each level & the grab is death) As the player will look for the first item in the library. The player will have the first encounter with the shirtless man. The shirtless man will look for the player. This is where the small rocks will come into the play. The player can throw the small rocks to distract the shirtless man.

While avoiding the shirtless man the player will have to find the first item which is an hourglass. After obtaining the hourglass the shirtless man will chase the player to the exit door where a cutscene will play showing the NPC from the diner saving the player by shooting the shirtless man. The NPC tells the player character his name is John to which the player character tells the NPC that his name Steve. John chuckling says “I can’t believe I killed it. I thought I would be stuck here forever.

Now I actually have a shot of getting the hell out of here. Hey thanks! You gave me the opportunity to kill the bastard.”

Panting, Steve says “No problem. What in the hell is this thing? Is it human?” John’s reply “Your guess is as good as mine.” And just as John gets near the shirtless man. The shirtless man attacks John killing him. Steve runs towards the exit and closes the door behind him. The second level is the theme park. In the theme park, the player will have to hide not only from the shirtless but also from dogs which can bite down on the player as the shirtless man come along and kills the player. The dogs are killed by the knife if done so from behind but will alert the shirtless man forcing the player to hide. If the player kills a dog near the shirtless man or another dog the chances of getting grabbed are higher.

So the player will have to play safe. The second item is a heart stuffed toy. Pick it up Triggers a cut-scene in which Steve remembers going to a theme park with his sister when he was younger. Then shows Steve making his way to the third item. The third level is the town hall. In the town hall, the player will have to be careful of wire traps and the shirtless man. The wire traps can be avoided but if the player triggers one it will immobilize the player & and alert the shirtless man. The third item is a justice statue which first must be completed by finding the sword that goes with the statue.

After completing the statue a cut-scene plays showing Steve remembering how he and his sister would admire the town hall on their way to school saying how important voicing your concerns is to those who listen. The cut-scene ends with Steve heading towards the fourth item.

The fourth level is a school. In the school their two floors one with dogs and one with traps. One strategy the player can employ is to lure a dog into a trap that will alert the shirtless man but can eliminate two obstacles at once.

The fourth item is a children’s book. The children’s book is in the teacher’s lounge which is locked & the key is around the neck of one the dogs. After acquiring the Key and then the children’s book a cutscene played in which Steve picks up The children’s book and hears the shirtless man and so hides. The shirtless man tries to find Steve but is unable to.

As the shirtless man leaves Steve sees the last item around his neck. Steve decides he’s done running so make his way out while making plenty of noise so the shirtless man would give chase. A cutscene plays showing Steve leading The shirtless man to an abandoned power plant thinking this time he would lay a trap for the shirtless man.

The last level is an abandoned power plant. In this level, the player can lay traps by walking to some electric wires picking them up and laying them where one would want the trap and then stand near the power button and press When the shirtless man walks near the wires. The player will need to shock the shirtless man four times in order to Beat him. After picking up the last item which is a pendant the player is then instructed by an on-screen prompt saying to go to the big gate. The player will then have to the big gate with all five items and try to open the gate.

The gate will have five podiums for five items. The podiums will only accept the right items, so the player have will have to solve the riddles of each podium to find the right podium for each item. The riddles on the podium are as follow:

“I’m seen to fly, described as hard. I am often your currency and heal all wounds, but not many things can stand my test.”

“It is not in your gut but somewhere above. It is thought by many to be the symbol of love.”

“To judge it is to oversee it. It is a balance carefully provided. Revenge, it is nearly, But never as one sided.”

“I make what science believes to be fantasy become reality in the blink of an eye. Doctors consider me an explanation for insanity if too much of me in your life is applied. When most age I started to disappear for as most age they apply more logic and reason to their thoughts. My biggest fear is to not get used and to be forgotten. What am I?”

“Straight like an arrow, I have no point. Round like a circle, I do have a joint. Surrender bent, awkward you’ll be. Turn me around; one, two, three. I’m quite common, sometimes I’m rare. Throw me around, but treat me with care.”

After solving each riddle and placing the right item on the podiums the gate opens and cut-scene plays showing Steve remembering his sister and how he had not seen her in years, with tears in his eyes Steve makes his way out of the town and sees his car. He then drives straight to his sister. He makes way to place where his sister was buried upon arriving to his sister’s tombstone He says I’m back Annie.

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