Sony Interactive Entertainment, a division of Sony, was introduced on 03rd December 1994, is based in Minami-Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The product of Sony Interactive Entertainment, is Video Game Consoles, such as Home, and Handheld. Films and TV series from PlayStation Originals. Talking about PlayStation abbreviated PS is Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Video Game Brand, consisting of five consoles, that is, PS to PS5. The PS5 is expected to be released in November 2020. PS Brand’s HTPC or Home Theater PC, commonly known as Media Center, a device acting as a personal computer facilitating the availability of software application that supports functionality in terms of audio playback, photo, video, video recording. PS Brand’s Controller, which is an input device to facilitate video games by controlling a character or an object in the video game. The PlayStation Network abbreviated PSN is a service-focused to provide digital media entertainment was launched in November 2006.


Mark Evan Cerny, the lead designer of PlayStation Consoles of Sony Interactive Entertainment, broke the news about intentions to launch PlayStation 5 or PS 5 the next generation console expected to be released in November 2020. In terms of specification PS 5 is expected to be 8 Core, 16 Thread CPU banking on AMD’s Zen 2 microarchitecture duly constructed on the process node of 7 nanometers, with an optical drive. Talking about graphics processor which is based on RDNA – a codename for GPU microarchitecture belonging to AMD’s Navi family, inclusive of adequate support provision for accelerated hardware pertaining to ray-tracing rendering, resulting in ray-traced graphics in real-time. SSD storage made available in PS 5 to ensure fast loading times and larger bandwidth to provide more immersive games, at the same time to facilitate requisite streaming of content emerging from 8K resolution disc. Blu-ray drive in this console is going to provide support to 100GB discs and Ultra HD Blu-ray, while the disc-based game installation is made mandatory so as to get the advantage of SSD, as a result, the user will enjoy the benefit of controlling fine grain and decide how much to be installed by getting installed the multiplayer components of a game. PS 5 shall be running on less energy requirement and/or consumption as compared, PS 4 by virtue of an improved suspended gameplay state.

The PlayStation 5 new controller will be equipped with adaptive triggers that can facilitate to alter the requisite resistance to the player as necessary, that is, ability to alter the resistance of pulling an arrow back in a bow, during the action in the game. Furthermore, strong haptic feedback by virtue of voice coil actuators will be present in the new PS 5 controller enjoying the support of an improved speaker with the intention to provide in-game feedback. USB-C or we can conveniently call it USB Type C connectivity with higher battery support available in the new PS 5 controller, which is a 24-pin USB connector system. A completely revamped user interface will be observed in PS 5 by the game enthusiasts and users. Rest assured the new PlayStation 5 will offer compatibility with PS 4 and PS VR games, making PS 5 a convenient and soft transition to the users. Jim Ryan head of global sales and marketing for SIE – Sony Interactive Entertainment, Japan disclosed that PlayStation 5 will conveniently play 99% of PS 4, a sigh of relief for game lovers.

The PlayStation 5 will be equipped with a stand irrespective of your wish to place horizontally or vertically. Mind you PlayStation 5 is going to offer its user access inside the panels to the user-replaceable M.2 SSD, so as to expand the storage of the console. PlayStation is going to have a cooling system powered by a large 120mm diameter, 45mm thick centrifugal fan with a designed mandate to pull in air from both sides and push it into the side and onto the heatsink which is a clear ability to control undue overheating. Another interesting fact is Processors and modern GPUs generate immense heat leading to the use of liquid metal or conductive material. The performance of cooling is dependent on putting the conductive material onto the chip in order to route the heat outside of the system. The key component of this system is known as the heatsink. It is very important to maintain a strong connection between the chip and the heatsink which is ensured by TIM – Thermal Interface Material. There shall be dust catcher vents in PS 5 to ensure vacuum off dust easily without having to disassemble the console entirely. It is worth noting that the PlayStation 5 console is not designed to be opened by the customer or user, should the user wish to do so then it will be at the cost of voiding the warranty. The bottom line is PS 5 starts at $399 and expected to be available starting 12th November 2020.

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