Xbox a Video Gaming Brand, which is owned by Microsoft, based in Microsoft Redmond Campus, Redmond, Washington, United States of America, was introduced on, 15th November 2001. Marketing their products worldwide, focusing on Video Gaming. Microsoft has launched video game consoles, out of which their three consoles have been released in sixth, seventh, and eighth generations products respectively. Xbox brand also signifies applications and/or games, streaming services, and Xbox Live | An Online Service, Xbox Game Studio, their development arm. Phil Spencer is their Executive Vice-President, Gaming, Microsoft.

The owner company Microsoft has been in the process of branding of “Xbox”, out of the box of just console hardware but video game brand in general. A reflection of this approach was observed in the renaming Xbox Game Studios in 2019 from Microsoft Studios. According to Phil Spencer in June 2019, “The business isn’t how many consoles you sell. In fact, it is how many of the player bases are actually playing the games that they buy, and how they play. This has led some journalists to conclude that subscriptions, and services for players, is the strategy going forward, and not on console hardware.

This means Microsoft do not take Nintendo and Sony as their competitors but take Amazon and Google offering cloud computing services, as their competitors. A business strategy displayed in the form of Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service focused on building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through data centers, managed by Microsoft. The objective of Microsoft Azure is to provide IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS – Platform as a Service, and SaaS – Software as a Service. In addition to this Microsoft Azure is responsible for providing frameworks both from Microsoft and Third-Party Software and Systems. Mobile gaming was talked as a potential area, where Phil Spencer mentioned that Microsoft can easily take a place with its services subject to becoming a more preferred form for gaming. There are a variety of games for each console with the good news that most games are backward compatible starting from the original Xbox and successor Xbox 360 as well.

Sixty-Five million users globally are the success hallmark of Xbox Live inclusive of the online virtual market. The worth noting fact is Xbox Live Marketplace allowing the purchase and download of games and various forms of multimedia as well.

XBLM – Xbox Live Marketplace is a designed virtual market to support the Xbox 360 console of Microsoft allowing the members of Xbox Live the freedom to download purchased or promotional content.

The Xbox Live service offers support to downloadable content, a game trailer which is a commercial to promote coming attraction, game demos, games on demand, movies, video store, Xbox Live Arcade games, Xbox Live Indie Games.

Xbox 360’s companion application is Xbox SmartGlass is available to facilitate Android version 4 and above, iOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Phone. A subscription service known as Xbox Game Pass, commonly understood as Netflix for video games to facilitate Xbox One and Windows 10, was launched on June 1, 2017. Xbox Game Pass grants users get access to a catalog of games of publishers at the cost of a single monthly subscription price.

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